Group Event Funding Requests

In addition to the Group Event funding mechanism detailed below, a graduate student who is traveling to a professional event may apply for GSS funding through the Traveling Graduate Student funding mechanism. See the Individual Funding Requests page for more info.

Group Event Funding Rules, 2017-2018

Please note that we have a new group funding request form as of April 2018! The download link is below in GREEN text.


Any GSS-Recognized Organization (GRO, see the Graduate Student Organizations page) which is in good standing and is organizing an event, as well as other groups who believe that their event or endeavor will benefit graduate students, is eligible to apply for GSS funding.

  • Beginning July 1st 2018, the organization must submit the Group Event Funding Request form at least 21 DAYS BEFORE the beginning date of the event. Groups who submit their form less than 21 days before the beginning date of the event will be ineligible for funding of that request.

Fiscal Year

The fiscal year is July 1 – June 30.

  • There is currently no cap on the amount of funding that a group can receive per fiscal year.
  • If the event dates of a funding request span two fiscal years, the total requested amount will be assigned to the fiscal year of the first day of the event.
  • Funding is on a first come, first served basis. The funding pool may be depleted without notice.
  • A funding cap may be implemented for the next fiscal year.

Before Applying for GSS Funds

Due to limited funds, the GSS requires all groups to first seek as much aid from other areas as possible (departmental funds, grants, the Student Government Association if undergraduate students will benefit from the event, other student groups whose members will benefit from the event, etc.).

How To Apply for GSS Funds

To apply for GSS funds, the group must fill out the Group Event Funding Request form and submit it to the GSS at least 21 DAYS BEFORE the first date of travel.

  • A group should apply for funding as soon as they have confirmed their event dates and developed a rough estimate of expenses.
  • All grey fields must be filled in by the group prior to submission. The form will be returned to the group if any grey fields are empty.
  • Funding requests for a recurring event MUST include the prior event’s Summary Report and all related receipts (including food, entertainment, and venue expenses), as well as the ticket sales or registration list.
  • It is strongly encouraged to also submit a basis for budget estimate line items (such as vendor quotes, receipts from a prior similar event, printouts of website pricing for items), as supporting documentation.
  • The Group Event Funding Request form must be submitted via email to

Example Form

Click here for an example of a properly filled-out Group Event Funding Request form.

Funding Request Decisions

  • GSS meetings are open to the public, and group representative(s) are strongly encouraged to attend the GSS session in which the request will be debated and voted on to clarify any issues that may arise.
  • If GSS funds are awarded, all event marketing materials MUST be shared with the GSS (via email to for circulation to graduate students as appropriate. The GSS reserves the right to add the GSS logo to any marketing materials for events funded by the GSS.

Receiving Funds

All awarded funds will be issued in the form of reimbursement, and original receipts will be required (within 90 days) in order to be reimbursed.

  • Funds awarded to groups will be deposited into the group’s account upon approval from the SAIL office.


All questions can be emailed to