’18-’19 Graduate Student Senate

To contact your Senator(s), simply send an email to gss@umassd.edu and
we will be happy to provide you with their info.

Executive Board

PRESIDENT: Katyanne Shoemaker
VICE PRESIDENT: Jayashree Chakravarty
SECRETARY: Yasaman Hamedani
TREASURER: Karima Ortolano

Charlton College of Business Senators
(three seats)

Nadeem Shaik
Policy Committee member

Ajay Kumar
Policy Committee member

Pranay Vatsal
Assistant Treasurer,
Finance Committee member,
Social Committee member

College of Arts & Sciences Senators
(three seats, includes the School of Education)

Josh Jacques
Social Committee member

Zemen Berhe
Social Committee member,
Policy Committee member

Jacob Kress
Policy Committee member

College of Engineering Senators
(three seats)

Jayashree Chakravaty
Policy Committee Chair,
Social Committee member

Amruta Meshram
Finance Committee member

Yasaman Hamedani
Social Committee Chair

College of Visual & Performing Arts Senator
(one seat)

Brendan Lyons
Policy Committee member

College of Nursing Senator
(one seat)

Adam Munroe
Policy Committee member

School of Law Senators
(two seats)

Karima Ortolano
Finance Committee Chair

Stephanie Melhem
Social Committee member

School for Marine Science & Technology Senator
(one seat)

Katyanne Shoemaker
Executive Committee Chair


Dr. Alex Fowler
Associate Provost for
Research & Economic Development

Dr. Michael Goodman
Professor & Executive Director
of the Public Policy Center

(appointed by the President)

AJ Vincelli

Ex-Officio Members
(one representative each)

Office of Graduate Studies

Office of Student Affairs

Note that the number of Senate seats for the current academic year is calculated from the previous year’s Fall enrollment data (see the Graduate Student Statistics page).